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what's really her birth year some say it's 1991 i found a different site that says it's 1985 and your tumblog says it's 1987
What is it that makes her beautiful? I can see that she is stunning but what do Koreans think a beautiful face is? Like big eyes, small and tall nose, chubby cheeks and big lips?

I can’t really say for sure since I am not Korean myself… but from what I’ve observed they seem to value:

  • Eye-smiles
  • Smooth pale skin
  • Thin builds or S-lines
  • Big eyes
  • Double-lids
  • Tall-bridged, thin, small nose
  • Nose with a straight (or close to straight) slope
  • Full-ish lips 
  • Aegyo sal (eye bags)
  • V-line (sharp jawlines)
  • Small faces
do you think if she has done someth on her face and body? because i will pay for that face too. my sister told me ahri parents are kind of rich ---she knows her friend :l

I think she has… If anything, her jawline is too sharp and too V-like to be natural, haha. I wouldn’t be surprised that her parents are rich. They seem to have a nice home and Ahri has been able to travel a lot.

do you know any videos of Song Ah Ri? not the slide shows. thanks